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                         Going to the Dogs

Americans love their pets.  As the travel industry has fully recognize pets as important family members, too, it has made great stride in accommodating both pet owners and their traveling companions alike.

The increase in gas prices and the economic downfall shifted the American household into low gear.  Spending became a necessity and business for the travel industry spiraled to an all-time low.  Hotels suffered tremendously but one important strategy helped alleviate the high vacancy from the wrath of economic wipe-out.

  • About 62% of households own a pet. 78.2K dogs and 84K cats.(aspca.org)
  • In 2012, $53.33 billion dollars was spent on pets.(appa.com) 

Pets have never been adored more by the hotel industry.  We have found as low as $25 added onto an over-night stay for pet owners at some of the best hotel accommodations in many major U.S. cities. (http://www.officialpethotels.com/us/tx/houston/#axzz2vItrn7wK)

Rating Family Pet-Friendly Stay

​In Texas, nothing is more appreciated than bragging rights.  We love our pets and we are bragging about stay accommodations focused on both family and pet amenities.

                      Marriott Residence Inn, Shreveport LA: Excellent stay, communication with staff is prompt and friendly, safe/secured location, modern decor, beautiful room, clean, and pet accommodation gets a high score.  A nationwide chain but check each location separately for pet stay

Airline bookings are on the rise.  AAA Travel  accounts for 14,000 pet-friendly hotels and campgrounds and airline booking for pets passengers is on the rise. Pet Airways will keep your pet in the highest form of comfort in its main cabin, not in cargo. (petairways.com/).  Other airlines are not so specialized and charge anywhere from $95-$150 for pets to be in the cargo area, a potential hazard. Yet others allow small dogs in a crate onboard in the passengers area.  Check ahead with airlines on their policies.   You will want to prepare your pet for this airline flight so we recommend you consult with your vet well in advance.

Camping is just what the dog-tor ordered.  Nothing is more pleasing for a dog than the great outdoors. However, there is plenty for a pet owner to take precaution.  Although campsites are filled with lots of recreational activities, check in advance if pets are allowed. 
For those sites ready to receive your pet, all pet owners must adhere to the policies.  Keep your pet on a leash and be aware of poisonous leaves, berries, and wildlife encounters.  

First aid for your pet is a must have.  Fleas and other infestation are possible on any trip but so can injuries or heat exhaustion cause your pet to require first aid.  We located some great first aid kits packed with the best emergency care
such as baxterboo.com's Ready Dog Essentials Kit priced at $32.97.  But great finds can start anywhere from $12.00-89.00 at Petsmart and Petco, recommendations from your vet or any knowledgeable pet store.   Do make sure your pet gets plenty of fresh water and proper food supply for his trip.   Don't allow eating time during car travel, the motion of the vehicle can cause your pet to become nauseated.  

Pet liability.  Although we love our pets dearly, sometimes they can become overly stimulated in a different environment or among too many unfamiliar faces.  It may become a liability experience to remember for a lifetime.  Take precaution and keep your pets confined within your site or in a crate. Check your homeowners insurance policy for pet liability coverage.  If your current policy does not include pet liability coverage, it may be time to examine other carriers.  

Did you know?

More than 29 million Americans take their pets on the road with them.

AG Insurance Solutions and Progressive will make sure that your pets are covered under 
Pet Injury Coverage.  

Our pets are family members and including them on family vacations makes ever lasting memories.  Watch for updates on pet travel, lodging with your pet, and helpful hints while traveling with your pets.